There’s something about New things, that is just so exciting, so inviting, so…,

It is New Year things…, but have you ever noticed, how many things remain old in the mist of new?
For the past couple of days since the New Year, this has been on my mind, that we seem to have similar issues Year in and Year out.

The New Year Means Nothing if You are Still in Love with your Comfort Zone

I’ve noticed people who constantly complain about the same things and they don’t seem to come to a point of actually realizing that they’ve remained old in the midst of new.


We hardly realize that we create the newness ourselves,

New Year with old ways of looking at things,
New Year with old ways of doing things, is not new at all!

It therefore challenges us to view things in a different light.

How we view things is an indication of where we are in relation to them. 

If we keep on complaining about certain things every year it indicates a broken relationship and a broken relationship takes particular work to fix. You find people who constantly complain about lack of finances but never come to a realization that they have a broken relationship with money and that this is an opportunity for growth in that area.
Whatever we’ve been complaining about, struggling or frustrated with; it’s a call for us to relate. It’s an indication that probably we are missing something.
Where things are not going right, we are challenged to grow.
This year, let’s have relationships with whatever that we have seemingly misunderstood in the past. Let the Newness of 2020 be true in every sense.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

Zanele With Heart