Raymond Mutura: Director, Organizations, Work and Family @Strathmore Business School
Part 1 of 2: Talking Career Journey with Raymond Mutura

In this first installment of a two part episode I speak to Raymond Mutura, Director of Research on Organizations, Work and Family at Strathmore University Business School. In the first part of our conversation we talk Career journey and Raymond shares his remarkable career journey as an IT professional growing through the ranks culminating in his role as General Manager in one of the fintech businesses in Kenya.

I first met Ray at Strathmore as I began my program in IT and he is one of the people I reached out to as a mentor as he seemed someone I could learn from, not only on career but also on life issues.

Raymond talks about these pursuits as well that he managed to nurture alongside his IT career, and that allowed him to make yet another transition to his current focus at the Business school.

We discuss this in detail in the second episode.

There’s is lot of take a ways from our chat especially for aspiring professionals as they seek to build their areas of passion alongside their career. This is especially relevant in the Hustle economy we find ourselves in.

You’ll also get to hear Ray share his philosophy, what he calls an Aristotelian Thomistic Tradition…

Listen in to learn more about this and more in our conversation….

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