is an undeniable force that surrounds our lives, it’s called creation, anything that we hear, see, touch, feel and smell has gone through the process of creation. 

What is at work:

Our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes about anything are a creation. What we think, what we belief and our attitude, determine what we eventually create, it’s the power of creation.
So me and the kids are having a family meeting and suddenly an idea of having a theme for each month shows up and some how I am led to the story of creation as the theme for January, you see there’s something powerful about the story of creation that I am convinced we can learn a lot from. The Bible tells us that in the beginning God created…, interestingly we don’t know anything before…, but the creation it self tells us a lot. This made me very excited.

God’s thoughts:

There needs to be a distinction between darkness and light, I will call this night and day…, I will separate waters and dry land, I will have different kinds of creatures moving in both places. I will have someone managing these things for me and I will give them dominion to rule over every creature. The story goes on and on.., what is true is that there was no beginning before creation, so creation was the beginning and the beginning is in our thoughts, when God was thinking, he was creating. What we see is just a manifestation of what has already been created. 

In your life:

Is your life a progressive creation? If your life doesn’t please you, It is highly likely you have not prepared yourself for the life you want. The question you need to ask is; What about my thoughts, beliefs, attitude that are creating these experiences? 

“Everything  comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it.”

We need to be intentional in creating space for what we want, It’s time we create the environments that shows our true greatness.

Zanele With Heart