ITis a view I hold, the thought that freedom is the ideal for relationships. Not neediness, dependency or too many rules and protocols. The reality however seems different. Too many rules, punctuated by Dos and Dont’s. In the name of boundaries. Whether institutionalized or self imposed by entities or individuals. We seem to love walls don’t we. Somewhat we think they make us cool, secure or beyond bounds. Even The Trump swears by them. Now I know there is a place for personal space and expression of ones individuality, no doubt. Even more so, why freedom is the anchor in relationships is vitally important. I believe it is the best backbone of thriving and making the most of relationships. I’m not convinced building any length and breath of walls will do that. If anything there should be no walls whatsoever for any intimate personal relationships worth their salt. 

But Why Freedom?

The tenets of freedom are truth and a sense of responsibility enabled by deep trust and openness.

If there are no walls and nothing to hide, and only marvel and beauty to discover.
Why wouldn’t this be the most desirable and the ideal to strive for in our human relations

The answer is why not?

It is something all too familiar called fear.
Yes, fear under guarded by something called insecurity and doubt which implies low or no trust.
This means the bedrock of truth runs thin, and not much grounds to stand.
No relationship worth its salt thrives if we are trying to save our skin or are afraid and holding back, again because of fear!
It doesn’t matter, as long as fear is involved in any form. Fear is fear and yields nothing other than more fear, cover up and a thousand pretenses.
Now how should we emerge out of this though.

Courage is the simplistic and stereotypical answer.

That’s true, courage has its place but where does one begin?
By embracing everything about our truth and being completely comfortable with it, warts and all.
Not just embracing parts of it, or cherry picking on some aspects that we like or that makes us feel or look good.
It is by knowing our truth, that we find true freedom.

And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!

And there’s nothing as empowering as truth. Nothing as endearing. Nothing as Intimidating.
It is a paradox but in the end it is the most powerful force in the universe.
Truth is the foundation of any meaningful and progressive society.
The essential glue to meaningful and significant relationships.
In freedom love thrives and perfect love casts all fear.

There are no pretenses. Only the authenticity and light that encourages others to embrace their freedom.

As Marianne Williamson reminds us:

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

To be safe to be who they really are and to manifest all they are meant to be.
To realize their highest potential and ideal.

Freedom speaks to the best of us

Welcome to the highest form of living. Say yes to freedom!
This paradigm speaks of a bigness and magnanimity.
Of a Generosity and Grace that liberates and empowers others.
Not one that shrinks or holds back and is focused on the dos or don’ts,
or even the prescribes of walls, which often tend to right or wrong, or the assertion of rights.
Hang with me here, and not to be misconstrued, there is a place for this things in the social order,
but as a child of light you are above the social order, which is about compliance, conformance and following the rules.

If you follow thus far, this is too small a place to live a significant life from and doesn’t empower or lead to a large life that embraces a paradigm of abundance – an innate knowing and belief – that there’s enough for everyone.

A scarcity mindset prescribes rules and regulations and even policing behavior, presuming that our highest selves need policing for good behavior. We should never forget that the first principle of love is superior than any set of rules and towers higher than any guidelines of any rule book.
It is always an invitation to live from the highest level where we are led of the Spirit whereby we don’t fulfill the desires of the flesh.

With Freedom Comes Responsibility

 It is a profound place and perspective to live from. It is a place of Mercy and Grace. It is place of truth and justice. It is a place of divine kindness and generosity where we are driven by selfless love that is focused on others and standing up for them, especially those who need our voice to champion their cause – the weak, the downtrodden and the poor. It is in this paradigm of being, when we are our brothers and sisters keeper that freedom is guaranteed, because with great freedom comes great responsibility.

And this is the golden spot the virtuous circle of Good thrives and continues to expand.

So now this is the strand that cannot be broken if we know the truth. No devil or evil can whither this.
And perhaps there is no clearer testament of the enemies mandate than to propagate lies and untruths.
The foundations are unshakable however, as long as they are established on Solid rock.
He is the guarantor, even in stormy seasons. He’s the chief cornerstone. The author and perfecter..
He’s remains unchanged. The same, yesterday, today and forever.
His will and plans are redemptive. To give a hope and future. In this life and beyond. Amen!