Podcast: The Timitude Podcast

We are… Yet we are not 

Recorded on a Sunny Saturday morning with the ambience of my home studio – In the Garden with bird  singing, dogs barking and the beautiful sounds of nature. Hope you enjoy this episode that asserts our identity and being…. We are yet we are not....
The Timitude Podcast


Hope…. Like a Feather. Hope… Like Rain…. Hope… Like Dust… Live. Breath. Hope. Always. This poem is meant to inspire and encourage you at such a time as this. Sparkle.. Like the Special dust you are..
The Timitude Podcast


Shenanigans is an ancient informal word according to the Oxford Dictionary. In this episode we take a #Timspirational take on this word on how it sounds and feels. We invite you to take a listen and answer the question posed at the end..
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