Podcast: Timspirational Nuggets


  Hope…. Like a Feather. Hope… Like Rain…. Hope… Like Dust… Live. Breath. Hope. Always. This poem is meant to inspire and encourage you at such a time as this. Sparkle.. Like the Special dust you are..


  Shenanigans is an ancient informal word according to the Oxford Dictionary. In this episode we take a #Timspirational take on this word on how it sounds and feels. We invite you to take a listen and answer the question posed at the end..
Live in Freedom

Live Large…. Daily 

  This This This #Timspirational Nugget is All about challenging you to Choose Yourself and Live Large. The Message is Simple, yet Profound. No time for Living small, none at All. In the timeless words by Marianne Williamson “Your playing small. Does not serve the...
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