Welive in trying times with this COVID-19 that has hit our shores and interesting enough, this past week my kids were asking me if we’ve ever experienced anything like this before and my answer was; no…, not in my life time there’s ever been anything like this, where we had to limit our interaction by participating in social distancing and stay at home to keep ourselves safe from catching some disease out there.  Indeed life can be pretty unpredictable, the truth is uncertainty is certain.

So how do we survive in the mist of uncertainty.

We could try places of comfort to cope with uncertainties of life, its normal for humans to look out for places of comfort during times of uncertainty, such places can be found almost anywhere, they can be in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the lounge, in the phone or computer and because they are pleasure driven they have a way of distracting us from having to deal with negative emotions. Places of comfort often don’t look like they are costly but they come at a high cost and another thing, their comfort is temporal and dependent.

Question is this really the solution and if not, what is the solution? 

Times of uncertainty are times for us to come home to ourselves and draw from the inner resources of trust, faith and hope.Trust that there’s still providence, faith that everything is working for good and hope that we will be fine. Allowing this kind of energy is not just calming but it helps us to go with the flow of life.  The presence of inner life/spiritual life provide us with these inner resources, it offers us inner stability and effective ways of dealing with uncertainty. 

“The flow of life and its transformations are inevitable and the effective way of living is simply moving along with ways of existence.” 

Control doesn’t get us anywhere and when we give in to it, we are not trusting, we block the flow of life, we interrupt nature and we resist and disruption nature. Here’s the thing about nature, its purposeful, its always birthing something, something waits to come alive and when we allow this process, we align ourselves to nature.

“Letting things go is the key to let nature do the work. When we stop interfering we give nature the power to let things unfold.”

Being at home with the uncertainties of life is our-lives invitation to live our lives from inside out, to take comfort that something bigger than us is in control and to trust in that, so that when the storms of COVID-19 hit our shores there’s nothing to disrupt, because we are one with the flow of things.  

Zanele With Heart