Clay is molded. Stones are carved. All are made to the shape of your choice. It got me thinking, stone is carved by the use of a sharp object while clay is molded using bear hands; which one is perfect to work with? I think clay makes everything easier than stone.

I listened to a sermon at church really keenly and I wondered…who am I? Am I a stone or clay? In God’s hands, am I a nuisance or is He always pleased with me? You see, clay in the hands of the potter is easy and not as ‘rebellious’ as stones are. A lot of effort is required while working with stones. It dawned on me that if at all I choose to be clay, my life will be surrendered in God’s hands for Him to mold and then use me to do His will. If I chose to be a stone, God will shape me into who He wants me to be but frankly, it will take me more time to submit to His will.

Being a ‘clay Christian’ represents that person who gives his all to God for Him to shape his future. Jesus taught about the seeds that fell on fertile soil which bore lots of fruits. Clay Christians are just like these seeds. They bear fruit because God becomes first in all they do. They give themselves into the Lord’s hands while stone Christians stray away. Stone Christians signify rebellion and such kind of hearts do not please God.

I read somewhere that rebellion is “living your life and doing what you want to do.” Rebellion is choosing to be hard-headed and this shows disobedience which the Lord hates. I often flashback especially those times of my life that I wanted to be just ‘me’ and it was really awful. I lived in sin and guilt was part of me. It is one thing to allow Jesus to be the SAVIOUR of my life but it’s another to allow Him to be LORD. Jesus being LORD means allowing Him to take my life into His hands. Changing from stone to clay turns around everything. I have seen it with my very own eyes.

No more rebellion. I urge you dear friend to choose life and stick to who God wants you to be; a clay Christian. Remember God is your potter; surrender to Him your heart. Allow your identity to be in Christ. Give your life that POSITIVE spin. It’s worth it!