means different things to different people. We all operate within a paradigm, or view of the world, and this will determine how we see success and how we act in all of life’s situations.

For many the paradigm of success involves struggle, scarcity, competitiveness, and looking after number one. This can help you cultivate qualities such as commitment, a strong work ethic, focus, courage and the willingness to take risks. But sadly it often does not include your deeper sensitivities and can end up diminishing your sense of humanity, and disconnecting you from others.

Is it possible to enjoy success from a place in the heart that connects us rather than keeping us stuck in separation and competitiveness?

The answer is yes and one of the main ways is to create a clear intent that is open and inclusive. We all operate by intention but for most it is unconscious and has never been examined or consciously chosen.

Your intention is closely connected to your values, and they in turn influence the nature of your intention.

So what is intention?

Intention is a quality of the heart and is much deeper to the truth of your being than the goals that may fill your mind. It is an expression of your very nature. It is the voice of the Soul, and embodies what you want to give to life. It is a living expression of the fullness of your true self.

  • What is the quality of your self that you want to give to life and to the world?
  • What is the type of impact you wish to have on the world?

The answers to questions like these will characterize your intention.

Intention is the energy that carries everything towards fulfillment, whether that is the grand sweep of evolution, starting a business, or entering a new relationship.

One of the most powerful things you can do when aiming for success is to get clear and conscious about your intention. Spend some time finding your deepest answers to these questions.

  • What quality or experience do you wish to bring to life through this success?
  • In what ways will this success add value to you and to your world?
  • What do you wish to give to life?

As with values you need to be clear about the ways you bring your intention into your life. It’s easy to give yourself a warm fuzzy when reading something like this, but how do you consciously live with clear intent day in and day out?

It is not for the lazy but if you are determined to live your own extraordinary life then you start by committing to a life of conscious intent. By doing so you are saying,

“My life counts for something. I am the full expression of the magnificence of life. It is important that I do the very best I can with integrity.”

It is important to be clear about this because intention, like everything else, has a shadow side. Throughout history there have been many who have expressed a negative intent that has brought pain and suffering to millions. We have inherited the Darwinian view of evolution as survival of the fittest, and maybe many of these negative expressions of intent have been influenced by this paradigm. A world view based on survival of the fittest will tempt you to see others as objects to be manipulated or controlled. However, this is just one perspective.

Maybe a more helpful perspective is that evolution supports that which expands and adds value to life.

With clear intent it is easier to create a compelling vision that fulfills you personally and adds value to life. It can help you overcome the temptation to settle for quick easy solutions that may sacrifice the good of the whole. All great leaders have been filled with clear intent and guided by a compelling vision. That is the energy that Life supports and it is that energy that will bring you success in the world and in the fulfillment of your humanity.


This is a Guest Post from My Mentor and Coach Clem McGrath.