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#Timspirational : Voice 

Last week lost my voice due to a severe throat infection. This is my first recording following my recovery this week. I hope you find some perspective in this piece written and recorded this morning… On Your Voice..


  Hope…. Like a Feather. Hope… Like Rain…. Hope… Like Dust… Live. Breath. Hope. Always. This poem is meant to inspire and encourage you at such a time as this. Sparkle.. Like the Special dust you are..
Live in Freedom

Live Large…. Daily 

  This This This #Timspirational Nugget is All about challenging you to Choose Yourself and Live Large. The Message is Simple, yet Profound. No time for Living small, none at All. In the timeless words by Marianne Williamson “Your playing small. Does not serve the...

The 25 #Timspirational People 2018! 

As we wrap up another season, here a catalogue of acknowledgement of some of the #Timspirational people who’ve been significant in this period. The #Timspirational25 chronicles a subset of individuals that I have interacted with that stand out among many. In who they are, what they are about...
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