The Timitude Podcast
The Timitude Podcast
Talking Everything Africa with Muloongo, Author and Pan-Africanist Champion and Founder

In this episode I speak to Muloongo, Author, Leader and founder of, a Pan-Africanist platform that seeks to champion Africa’s story on the global stage and position a new narrative for the continent and its people. 

Muloongo has lived in 8 countries outside her country of birth, Zambia. As a Global citizen and child of Africa she shares her mission and passion for Africa through Ongolo. 

In this episode she shares her perspective on African issues and how Africa and Africans should position themselves to win. She also shares her thoughts on the opportunities post Covid-19. 

She’s is an Oxford Alumni, a Story teller, a Trailblazer. Muloongo currently lives and works in Singapore. 

You certainly are in for a treat. For this and more, join us in our insightful conversation…. 

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