The 25 #Timspirational People 2018! 

As we wrap up another season, here a catalogue of acknowledgement of some of the #Timspirational people who’ve been significant in this period.

The #Timspirational25 chronicles a subset of individuals that I have interacted with that stand out among many.


In who they are, what they are about and the journey they are on.

Easily they are people who have either influenced me significantly, often without knowing and are on a mission of impacting the world through who they are and how they show up across various fields of endeavor and aspiration.

Yeah, it’s sometimes difficult to describe what #Timspirational is about.
I’ll borrow a French word that I think captures it rather succinctly.. #Timspirational25 is about individuals with that je ne sais quoi!


So without further ado, please help me to celebrate and congratulate the 2018 #Timspirational25 faculty!

In no particular order here we go…

  1. Desre Buirski – Desre is a movement and that was quite apparent the moment we met a year ago at the Nelson Mandela Foundation. And our eyes were our point of introduction and the rest as the say is history. It is amazing to know that sometimes our best connections, almost always are the spirit type. Our connection was easy and It has been such a blessing to know such a kind and big hearted soul as Desre. I certainly look forward to working more closely with her in the seasons ahead and seeing her movement gather momentum.
  2. Ellen – aka Dr. Elle, PhD. It’s almost spooky to see someone and in an instant be aware of certain things about them. I know you know what I mean “star” because that’s who I saw in you beyond your kinky afro which should be restored due to public demand.. I protest lol. She’s beyond a writer, she’s a writing heart i met at poetry that should own the copyright to the Art of the selfie and yes of course the always raw and authentic ‘self’ poetry. Just know you are one of a kind and will be out here cheering you on till the world reads about you and acknowledges your star. So yeah get ready for a steep uphill climb ahead in the seasons ahead!
  3. Lorna – You have blown me away every time with the depth and wisdom of your writing and you know by now how many classics you’ve penned that should be framed and displayed at the Smithsonian. You write so deeply like a sage speaking ancient wisdom that carries unchanging truths across the eons. You are a sweetheart too, someone I enjoy catching up with. Next stop. When are you teaching me how to dance… You know I need it! Thanks for getting the poetry crew going this year!
  4. Patty – She’s the one who gives you a kick in the guts… Yes her writing has that effect. Short but deadly! Thank you for starting the poetry forum that has allowed us to find our expression and along the way meet amazing people. I take this time to acknowledge that on behalf of all the poets I have met at Hyde Park corner every once a month on a Sunday afternoon, a heartfelt Thank you, Patty! I hope we’ll get to partake of your Tequila shot poetry in the New Year and beyond. Thank you once again!
  5. Bongiwe – She has that voice that calms storms and a rare easy cool. I have not even met her! We spoke on a phone line and all I could pick was the energy and calming frequency of your voice. I know your line of work can be an exhausting frontier, but my prayer for you remains the same. I pray that your voice will be heard by the nation. It is what we need to hear. That calm, reassuring, no drama voice. I believe it is a God given gift you have and I pray you get to use it in bigger platforms for good beyond your imagination. I’m rooting for you. All the way to the Oscars! 
  6. Suki – Behind the bespectacled demure essence is a big hearted dynamite with a passion to make a difference in the world. Suki is one of my colleagues at work. She’s truly the example of what we should all be, big hearted, kind and gracious, especially to the less fortunate and those whom we can lend a hand to. I have been greatly inspired by some of the initiatives that she’s led among them Mandela Day, among many others. She’s an activist in her own right and all I have to say is. Way to go Suki… You are changing the world!
  7. Marielet – she’s another of my colleagues whom I treasure and thank God for. It’s not often that you have colleagues who become friends and more so ones that you have such a meaningful personal connection that not only inspires you but also one you can count on. Thank you Marielet for who you are and for what you mean to so many not only at work but out there. I thank God for you and your love for people and your heart for God. Keep the faith. I’m grateful to have met you this year on day one with no introductions!
  8. Deon Louw – Another of my amazing colleagues. Deon I know you And I drove from Soweto and though we haven’t chatted as much I loved your spirit and heart. You remind me in so many ways of my younger self. Young and full of ideas to bring about positive change in the world. You certainly have inspired me in the endeavors you have in mind. And I know that if you stay the course you’ll make a big impact in our world. Keep your bigness of heart and let nothing dampen your desire to go make a big splash in the world.
  9. Bro Keith – You carry the same spirit and passion as the apostle Paul and listening to you and your story and journey in the faith inspired me greatly. Thank you for the declaration you made over our lives and we know that your prayer shall come to pass and we will be witness. I admire your zeal and passion for life even at your age. You are youthful as ever and certainly someone who I’ll remember and look up to when it comes to zeal. I want to be as energetic and as youthful when I get to your age. Keep preaching the gospel ~ the power of God unto salvation. 
  10. Pastor Deon ~ Your understanding of the revelation in the scriptures and your ability to teach and explain the word is phenomenal. You are a gem in the kingdom. And to me you are someone I want to sit with a whole afternoon and discuss and debate the word. I love your zeal and passion. I love your ethic and diligence. I certainly look forward to spending more time with you in the coming season and Growing in the Grace and the knowledge of Him.
  11. Faith ~ Fellow member from the powerful East African delegation! I’m glad I sat next to you at Wits as we discussed the future of Africa and though we didn’t get the answers we were looking for from the panel, at least we met and had a discussion. And yeah there’s lots of work to do in this continent and God knows we all have a part to play. You have an amazing brain and I want you as my consultant. Borrow me brain o as Nigerians would say. Next session let’s discuss Africa Agenda 2063 – dead or alive?
  12. Mylène ~ What a pleasant surprise meeting you at the end of the trails on a hike at the beautiful Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve… And what a fun filled 3 months it was with you with us on the continent. Africa misses you. South Africa more… And yeah you gotta come back soon and visit us! I loved everything about you. You are easy going and fun. Kind hearted. Adventurous. And yes I know there’s is a writer in you…. And I won’t rest until you get writing… Still waiting for the digest on your stint with us. And certainly so much to look forward to in the seasons ahead. Let’s speak soon!
  13. Maura ~ We’ve had a few coffees, kinda our favorite thing. You are a leader, an influencer, someone I respect and admire. You are a great colleague and certainly one to watch in the behavioral economics space. I have thoroughly enjoyed our conversations on behavioral economics and your passion shines through. Certainly can’t wait for our next coffee catch up and what you have next in your horizon! Catch up soon!
  14. NancyButterfly in the making not only did you give me faith to keep writing poetry, you are doing an amazing job with the kids at Babylife. I celebrate the butterfly in you that’s taken on such a bold and much needed endeavor to train and unlock the potential in kids through the Montessori approach. Education is such an import foundation of our society and thank you for all you are doing to make a difference to the children in our community and nation. Keep the dream alive butterfly. You are changing the world, one child at a time.
  15. Sasa – You are just that cool and it’s always a pleasure to stop by and talk to you at work. You are authentic, passionate and a change agent. I love your spirit and ethic. It’s such a blessing to be part of changing the world with you. I also cherished our conversation the other day on leadership and the part we have to play, though often we prefer to blame our leaders yet we are responsible! Thank you for being such an amazing human being and your unwavering championing of what’s right and true. You are a great role model and example. Keep up the good work! 
  16. Liesl – Right on I loved your courage, fortitude and faith even as you helped us learn how to deal with stress. I urge you on in the beautiful work of grace you are carrying on. The words of truth you shared with me in our coaching conversation have been my point of reference and have set me at ease. I always remember ‘blueprint‘ whenever I feel a bit too edgy. Thank you again for your authenticity and ministry. May your influence and impact continue beyond. Keep it up!
  17. Tiyani ~ What shall I say about this Tedster that has been trailblazing on so many fronts this year! I’m grateful and proud of you for all you are and one for being one of my stellar mentees. You have made me believe in the value of ‘choosing yourself’. You are an example of that creed and have shown the art of the possible when someone chooses the way. All the way. Congratulations once again for making the Tedx faculty and you definitely lit Pretoria on Blockchain! Looking forward to debrief and catch up soon!
  18. Zanele ~ I’m already seeing a hall of famer here. Zanele has been part of the #Timspirational faculty from the outset in 2015 and continues to blaze the trail unstoppable. It has been the joy of my life to have known and see her grow and evolve all through this time and I’m so grateful to see even more amazing things showing up in the days ahead. Yes breaking news… There’s a life changing book on the way…and I know the world is waiting to hear the story of your journey so far with bated breath. Can’t wait… I’m already on the queue pining for it!
  19. Obenewa & Peter ~ I was greatly thrilled and inspired by the work that Obenewa and Peter were facilitating at a signature transformation discussion at St. Stithians School. I have always cared for diversity and inclusion and the discussion that Obenewa and Peter were facilitating was an important one and couldn’t have been presented at a better time. Keep up the good work the both of you, those conversations are absolutely needed to transform our society. There is so much work still to do and what both of you are doing us absolutely crucial.
  20. Janice aka the JPD ~ Another hall of famer in the #Timspirational faculty. She’s someone from whom I have drawn so much soul energy from. She my soul friend and our energy and connection is most treasured, so much so that it’s unbelievable that we’ve never even met in the flesh. Yet when we speak there are no walls! I celebrate the gift you are to me and can’t wait for more heartwarming and enlightening conversations in years ahead. Our date in Ibiza still stands. And Africa still waiting to welcome you!
  21. Clem McGrath ~ Perhaps no one deserves more credit and acknowledgement of being my light house through dark, murky and grey as my mentor who has been right next to me throughout the season. The choice to speak every fortnight was one of the best decisions and one that has helped me stay the course. I’m so grateful for all you are to me. Thank you for your magnanimity and bigness of heart and spirit. Thank you for your clear eyed mind that makes me find clarity and make sense of where I’m always. I look forward to our next conversation. I treasure you beyond words.
  22. Prudence – She has forced me to break one of the accords that mandated that family friends shouldn’t be listed in the #Timspirational25. Here I’m breaking that because I cannot not acknowledge her and the journey she’s been on in the past 12 months. She’s stepped into her Purpose, and the world has responded with the might of the heavens fully behind her. She’s been to places so miraculously and indeed the hand of God has been evident in her life. I’m grateful for you leadership. I look forward to what God has in store in the seasons ahead!
  23. Thandeka Langa- She’s a Fab Warrior, that’s her signature organization and a cause she’s devoted herself to that seeks to help youngsters in finding their career path and success in pursuit. As an individual I have been greatly inspired by your passion and resilience even through the many challenges you’ve had to overcome to arrive at this place of recollection. It was so inspiring listening to you on Impact Radio and to hear you passion that clearly shines through. I look forward to touching base with you in the New Year to hear more on what is ahead in 2019 and beyond.
  24. Nelson Kennedy – The gist of the story is, Nelson was one of the gentlemen that I interviewed for a role I was recruiting for several years ago. Unfortunately he didn’t make it through, yet whereas I even almost forget who eventually got the job, Nelson remains unforgettable for so many reasons that deserve a discussion of its own. Yeah you should look forward to a featured discussion with him once our podcast relaunches in the new year. Congratulations again Sir Nelson, on your graduation and on completing your Bachelors degree in Information Technology. I know it’s been a journey for you and I salute you for sticking it out to the end. Bravo! 
  25. Bro. Makhosini – I loved this brother in Christ the moment we met in a church in Soweto. Not only was I inspired by his transformation journey, more like from Saul to Paul. I absolutely loved his heart for God and his heart for people. He made me feel at home and part of the family and we had lots to talk about. From Family to church to our common humanity or ‘Ubuntu’ and our shared African heritage. I look forward to seeing you again my brother and I celebrate the gift that you are. You have the gift of diplomacy and I know that no eye has yet seen what God has prepared for you in the seasons ahead.
  26. Dr. Reul Khosa – I finally got to meet Dr. Khosa in person this year at Wits Business School after one of the sessions he was facilitating talking about the future of Africa. Of course I had to attend because of the subject matter and even more because it was Dr. Khosa facilitating. He’s one of the gentlemen I had admired, more so after being exposed to one of his works… Ubuntu, Africa Humanism as a system of Governance. In it he talks about the western construct of democracy and the concept African Humanism or Ubuntu as an alternative system of Governance. It was such a great pleasure meeting you indeed and hearing of the amazing work in farming in my favorite province, Mpumalanga!

Congratulations and thank you again for being a part of the #Timspirational25. Wishing you all a Blessed Christmas and a High-Impact 2019.


I’m excited for you and all that you are becoming in the #Timspirational Season Ahead!


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