We all desire to feel loved, cared for, appreciated, understood and we want to feel like we belong. Our hearts yearn for these things and that we immediately sense when they are not there or if there’s some pretense.
“Love is an element which though physically unseen is as real as air or water. It is an acting, living, moving force.. It moves in waves and currents like those of the oceans.”

What makes you feel loved? My guess is that whatever it is, it is packaged in the. It is in the acts of kindness, in words of encouragement, in thoughtfulness, in heart felt appreciation, in loving words and in other relationships they are extended to warm hugs, and sometimes just holding hands with someone but all sending a message.

“I feel you, what is important to you, is important to me too or am here for you”.
Clearly there is a part of us that longs for this, this is a connection point and it is in these connections that we even make sense of ourselves.
Small things that counts;
Though seemingly unimportant, when missing, they have been the cause for many strained relationships, they somehow represent a message of ungratefulness and not being loved when not expressed. No matter what, the mind can’t make sense of unloving acts, hence we have people who are completely disturbed, main reason being them not feeling loved.
The small things that courts;
Though un-explainable sometimes but they are the cause behind people falling in love and sometimes out of love. I therefore ask, is it possible that the small things are actually the big things? And that maybe we should begin to treat them as such, that it is our outer self that is seeking to be expressed in others, that we have some responsibility to others in this particular way and we should not take it for granted.
What “small” things are you doing?
Zanele With Heart