We are all infected! 



And dying…. 

Some of us slower than others. The Corona of Fear has taken root than ever before. 
No one has a cure. No one has an answer. Even Governments are overwhelmed. They simply don’t know what to do. 
The system is shutting down… 
It’s a state of pandemonium. Guess that’s why they call it a pandemic
Yes the Greek scholar in me says that comes from the root word :
Pan – which means across… Or traversing… And demic – (of the devil or demons) as most of you spiritually woke folk are able to discern….
This in essence means we are dealing first and foremost with a spirit. A type of fear that has embedded itself into our psyche. Real or imagined and infected us with its acute symptoms. 
The Corona of FEAR! 
Yes i know this is a revelation….
That Its not just viral…. 
And yes we thank the doctors and scientists who have been dealing with the situation that originated in Wuhan (wherever that is). 
This one is more sophisticated however. 
In fact it is endemic to our human nature. 
It originates from a similar place albeit pronounced differently…. Deeply present and entrenched in our Human nature and not from Wuhan a physical place in China supposedly. Same number of characters but big difference. 
One is a pandemic, the other is endemic. 
Same difference. 
As you’ll know viruses come and go but fear is the ever present danger and enemy within and without. 
If we let it rule! 
And scientists don’t even have the equipment to detect and treat it. Their gear however advanced simply can’t detect this very high frequency as it’s spiritually discerned and understood. 
So yes the world over is in a state of pandemonium because of Corona. 
Pandemonium – simply means a state of great panic, confusion, and chaos. 
The Corona Pandemonium is unprecedented and extremely dangerous. 
Yes. I know you may be sitting and secretly saying. 
Tell them, tell them.. 
Those that were emptying shelves in the Supermarkets. 
Or those who were fighting over toilet paper.. (Can you believe it! We are living in a historic time. Who knew popper cleaners aka Toilet paper might be the pathway to world peace!!) 
This is totally unprecedented! 
Well maybe!
Even worse those who have sprayed or disinfected the hell out of everything and everyone…… except their beloved phone! 😅 
Ok let me say it because you may he wondering what am on about up to this point. 
Fear. FEAR my people. Is perhaps the biggest killer that has gripped many a Coronary around the world this past few days and weeks. 
That is the real killer and pandemic to worry about beyond the courtesies and protocol of entertaining a new strain of a virus. 
Viruses come and go…. And some stay. Well i digress… 
I’ll stick to my borrowed Greek stoicism and abstain from hippocrates (he was also Greek). I’m not a doctor or a medical practitioner to advise on cute fancy Convention-2019 aka COVID19 as i was not invited to that symposium… 
But I’ll speak boldly on the Corona of Fear… 
Let’s check in. Why are you so terrified. 
What is shaking you to the core. 
Is such level of fear warranted in the first place. 
Where did you contract the Corona of FEAR! 
At what state and stage are you…. 
Still breathing… 
On life support… 
Socially distancing and isolating from all sources of negativity and posturing that feed and fuel the Corona of Fear within? 
The Corona of Fear is dead in the water with the right basic hygiene. 
  • Sanitizing your mind with water and soap of the right information (yeah i know this is not easy nowadays). In the era of too much informication
  • Clearing your mind and spirit of negativity and the ever twisted tentacles of fear that just creep in anyway in the course of living life. 
  • Sprinkling in a dose of common sense to seek to interrogate and understand issues, concerns and information presented. 
  • Simply living your life and focusing on your purpose with the perspective that we are here for a season and a reason. Ours is to be diligent in the pursuit of that for the assigned time we have on earth. 
I’ll end it with these eternal words of wisdom from the Holy Book. 
For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, 
But of Power, Love and a Sound mind. 
Yes. I hope that you now know what to do to fumigate the hell out the spirit of Corona Fear
and all its cousins out of your life. Now, and whenever it rears its head into the future.
This is Living NOW. 

Go on. Live your life and be immunized through the Spirit of Power, Love and a Sound Mind.. And don’t let fear have its hold on you in any of its forms.

This too shall come to pass as Scripture reminds us.