Customer GreatService, You know it when you see it!

Yes when someone steps out of their corner, their place of convenience and comfort and truly reaches out to serve another with the true heart of customer service.
Sad but true this is rather uncommon, and whenever found is always truly pleasurable and to be respected.
 I can remember vividly several counts when I saw the true heart of customer service, sadly this have often been far between. Nevertheless this were beautiful encounters indeed.
Yeah, I remember vividly the outstanding service of an air hostess aboard Qatar Airlines, a lady of oriental origin.
Such a remarkable level of service delivered, that remains etched in my memory several years on.
Pity I didn’t pick their name even though I wrote a profound note that hopefully filtered through to their head of service.

I still honour the heart of such service. Commendable indeed as it went beyond the call of duty.

Well, there are many other colourful experiences.
At the Banking halls, at the restaurants and coffee shops, at church and even at the state departments.
Of course the flip-side is true.
Sadly this has been the more common experience where others have evidently dropped the ball
and conveniently showed the least of care, concern to the voice and requests of their customer.
Well, I have countless examples, but I choose not to list them here.
I prefer to celebrate good service rather than fight bad service.

Some of them however stand out.

This past week, my bank or should I say bankers conveniently and sadly indulged in this blaming the IT system for their inability to deliver on their mandate of service.
Oh how convenient! The sad thing is that the concerned parties seemed to believe in the lie of convenience they were trying to sell to a discerning customer!
Well, I for one take no prisoners in this area. In fact it is perhaps among the few areas that I rarely have grace for failures and lapses in.

I have found it true to always look past the first answer most people give when discharging their service. It is always the answer of convenience, its rarely a customer care one!

I have also found it true in many occasions that most attendants either have no idea what customer service is about or are too lazy to really reach out and provide a service that would meet the need at hand.

Most of the time its either a rehash of the various policies and procedures you must comply to instead of “customer care, how can I help you?” in the true spirit of service.

 Yeah, I had such a notorious experience in a high end hotel apartment about town.
They even had to audacity not to give a damn about what my concerns were.
It was all about them as far as they were concerned and weren’t bothered at all about my concerns and unhappiness.

I don’t know about you, but personally It bothers me greatly when those who are meant to serve forget the nobility and importance of their mission. 

It bothers me when service turns into routine and the beauty thereof is lost.

When service is delivered without smiles, and when the customer the needs of the customer are put aside
And replaced with lackadaisical and half-hearted attempts that are all about self preservation, ignorance and even arrogance.
Yes, I know it may sound cliche, but it remains true.If ever we are to be in business for the long haul.
We must remember we are there because of the customer.

Yes indeed Customer is King adage should always remain true!