The Timitude Podcast

The Timitude Podcast

The Timitude Podcast extends Mission of Enabling and Extending Authentic Creative Expression. Its aligned to its Core Purpose of Enabling others to Change the World through Living out their Best Expression and Inspiring others to do the same.

The Timitude Podcast will Feature All Kinds of Voices Aligned to this Core Purpose and Mission. More So New Voices who represent the Challenges and Needs of this and the Next Generation.

We will Feature Big Thinkers and Dreamers who are bracing up to some of the biggest challenges and issues of our time. Scholars, Academics, Researchers, Scientists and and Problem Solvers drawn from various backgrounds and perspectives

We will engage Makers who are on the fore front of creating and actualizing ideas and inspiring concepts be they artists, designers, architects, painters, writers, thespians and the plethora of voices in creative spaces.

We will also feature ‘Movers’ or high impact people who are actively involved in leading change in organizations, communities and jurisdictions. These are all the people at the forefront of influencing economies and ecosystems and cheer leading others to come alongside.

Lastly and importantly, we will profile Trailblazers; this are all those folks who are stepping into unprecedented spaces across endeavors be they medical practitioners, adventurers, environmentalists, inventors, anyone really who is pushing boundaries and unlocking new frontiers of possibility.

Perhaps more than anything, this platform seeks to feature and profile individuals in various spaces who are making a difference in their own authentic and unique ways. 

If you feel this resonates with you or know of anyone who fits the any of the descriptions above get in touch with us.

The Timitude Podcast launches soon and will be available in all mainstream Podcast Platforms.