I I have met so many people over the years; in family invitations from friends, sidelines of conferences and workshops, in churches and parties, coffee shops and even on the roads and streets of life.

In this post I recap the top 3 things that have made for truly outstanding and memorable encounters.
Without exception each of the outstanding and “attractive” people I met exhibited either one or a combination of this 3 characteristics.


Perhaps nothing has had such a pull on me than meeting someone who exhibited great potential. I do meet several people in the course of the year, and most of them beyond the intention of “let’s keep in touch” nothing really happens after. In fact no sooner ‘out of sight becomes out of mind‘ sets in with time. This is never the case however with those whom I come in contact with that exhibit a palpable sense of potential.

People with potential for greatness, and possibilities have had such a pull on me that I rarely ever forget them even if I don’t ever get in touch with them.

I have made it my personal mission and focus to always tell them of what I see in them lest they live their lives oblivious of the Greatness and destiny they carry in them.


Passionate people.. in whatever field attract me like a big magnet. I’m drawn by the fire in their belly, eyes, spirit.. bosom. Whatever! As I have understood later, this is called “energy” in certain cycles… It is such a big deal indeed as T.Harv Eker notes “How you show up in one thing is how you show up in everything“.

Such people are able to carry the same passion into whatever they chose to do, be it a business, a relationship or a dream or goal they have. The truth about passion however is that it is both an attractive force and a repulsive one in equal measure. Passionate people are drawn by passion, dispassionate ones are completely repelled by it.

It is always energizing and unforgettable whenever I meet and interact with those with a passion.


I have made it my personal mission to always remind them that it is their biggest point of strength and weakness, and that they should leverage this to their advantage as much as possible.


Often this is cumulative of the other characteristics, it’s expression however is along a sense of mission and calling. This I have often seen with those who carry a conviction of ;

I’m here to make a difference… I’m here for a season and a reason”

Nothing could be more compelling than this. The conviction in them can often be felt in their tone of voice, the look in their eyes and the gestures and expressions of their body language. There is a common thread of assertiveness among all the people I have met whenever they speak about their sense of mission. They are often the visionaries, the dreamers and revolutionaries that ultimately influence and shape the society and world we live in.

I have endeavored to encourage, motivate and inspire my Top 3P Magnetic folk and remind them of the unique gift and blessing they are to the world. Indeed we are all called to Live out our Potential, Live with Purpose fueled by Passion. This trio is an unstoppable force that will take you far in life and enable you to live your Zest Life!