Yes you just appeared, a star that lit our skies
You were the answer to our prayers
You just showed up when we needed you
You were a miracle, a blessing to us
And we liked you,
Need I say got used to you
You were graceful and easy going
You served with heart, diligently
You gave your best, always
You were ours, our Gloria
We dreamed and hoped ahead
You even prayed for us
And Yes our prayers were answered
But then you had traveled home
And we sat knowing you were coming
We even prayed for your return
Speaking to you just the week before
You were confident, and we were hopeful
That we would see you soon
Little did we know you’d be gone too soon
Strange but true, you made us love you
The motherly and caring heart you were
You always knew what to do, always
Yes we loved you but God loved you more
Rest in peace Gloria
You were a God sent Angel,
Rest in Peace, God knows why.
To the memory of our house help, Gloria a lady we knew very briefly, 
who passed on this past week, but had such an impact on us
Our Hearts out to the family at this difficult time.