So yeah, Black Panther movie grossed 1 Billion dollars at the global box office slightly over a month since its premiere, on January 29th, making it one of the most successful movies of all time.
It has certainly captured the imagination of many,  more so those of colour in Africa and in diaspora.
We managed to watch the film a fortnight ago and must say was thoroughly impressed in so many ways.
I’m not really a movie goer, more so in recent years. I have often voiced the fact that until the African narrative changes in a fundamental and mainstream way, the future and potential of Africa and its people shall remain in the shadows, and it shall continue to remain victim largely because of narrative.
Now the fact that we now chant Wakanda forever and that this might soon be the official way of greeting for Africans wherever, doesn’t mean the narrative issue is resolved.
It is however a sign, a glimpse even of what is possible, with a little bit of self belief and inspiration to move the center and reimagine a different future for a people and a continent that has been in the shadows for too long.
The Vibranium moment is here and it is a great opportunity to not only express joy and pride but importantly to articulate and reimagine a new identity that has the potential to reinvigorate and create a future of significance for all its people.
Well, as I said rarely do I ever bother with movies, this however stood out for me, beyond its production quality and stellar cast. So much for what it represented!
Yeah I’m aware I’m attributing such a big cause to it, I’m not afraid to do so however and to unashamedly encourage anyone who hasn’t watched it to do so at the earliest.
It is certainly a worthwhile movie and beyond in celebration of so much and so many things that reflect the dignity, significance and consequence of African identity and culture portrayed in the best light in such a mainstream way to the whole wide world.
Africa is Vibranium baby. Africa is the future! #WakandaForever!