Weall have moments in our lives that can be considered “defining moments”– times when a certain thing happened that changed our life trajectory. Taking time to reflect and focus on these moments can improve your life.

How you respond to the most important events in your life will obviously have a great impact on your life outcome.

What do you do when you find yourself at the crossroad? 

Do you cry? Have self-pity? Become a loner? Get yourself into drinking habits or Turn religious? 

Perhaps the year is still young and you’ve already laid out what you may wish to achieve before the year ends. Whenever you find yourself discouraged do not lose focus.

If things aren’t working out learn to find peace. It’s during this moments that you have to discover your uniqueness then discipline yourself to develop it as Jim Sundberg said “uniqueness has been my strength zone”.

Whenever you see successful people, or a successful company take note that in most cases they are working towards their strength zones.

It doesn’t matter how bad it looks there will always be a way out.

Some of our defining moments comes as a total surprise often during times of a crisis. Most days we wear masks and hide who we really are.

Defining moments put the spotlight on us; our character isn’t made during hard times, it manifests. 

Think of a moment when your true character was revealed, you had an opportunity to excel, or you saw something with greater clarity. Inevitably, the road of life will be bumpy, testing your commitment to your purpose. But some individuals see bumps in the road of life as obstacles, while some see them as opportunities.

Your plan doesn’t have to be complex, but it must be specific.

It’s your roadmap for moving forward, and it lets you know how far you have come.

So long as we identify our strength and defining moments and quickly make the decision to move forward. We all have the ability to outline our defining moments.

The beauty of a defining moment is that it usually forces us to face our fears head on and take action.

I can personally attest to how scary it is, but also how much better you will become. Acknowledging fear helps mitigate the potential paralyzing effects.

You are not your past although you’ve been shaped by your past experiences. Who you were yesterday doesn’t control the potential you’ve for tomorrow.

So wake up and dust yourself again.


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