Here are my special mentions for 2013! – #CreativeMondays :
I have to say it all started when I met my elephant eared friend #Evernote a few years ago
He and I had been friends for a while but we rarely met, until the beginning of this year when it all started
And our friendship has grown by leaps and bounds.
I must say Its #S3 from Samsung who made it possible for us to meet up frequently and chat
And this is where the magic started.
Along the way, #SkyDrive from Microsoft tagged along and its been fun especially sharing so many memorable memories thanks to this good friend from Bill&Co
#LinkedIn has been there, I have known him for two years and our friendship has only grown stronger this year
#FaceBook! she and I had parted ways, but for some reason we are back on again
#Twitter until recently had gone silent on me, and now we can’t stop talking, she has so much to say
Well, the New Kid on the Block #Instagram has to be the cherry on the cake – she is so cute and so much fun
The year is not over yet, and I’m still trying to rekindle my old flame #WordPress,
Hopefully we can have something to talk about in 2014
#Tumblr hasn’t quite measured up, and who knows if ever will…
#Pinterest lost interest in me so quickly, I haven’t yet found my feet ~ as they say tomorrow is another day!
Ooh, what would I do without #Skype? Life would be unbearable –
I have met so many amazing people across the Globe thanks to good ol’ Skypey
#Viber is the new kid on the block, she cool too. I’m sure there is lots to say in days to come.
#PearlTrees, Oui Cava? Tres Bien! If only I could speak French, I love this fellow, made my maze through the web such a beautiful mess. An absolute extension to my brain!
#StumbleUpon I haven’t given up on you, but we see each other on and off…
#Babble… It was nice to meet you.. hopefully you will still help me perfect my French and Spanish in 2014…
Mmh, I guess I have to sign out for now….
For you, who were your creative buddies for 2013?
Wishing you a Ultra-Creative Super-Amazing 2014!
I look forward to collaborating with you on #CreativeMondays via SocialMedia in 2014!