Why Use a Pen name or Not…. Find Out the Top Reasons

OK.This time round will just share the overall sentiment and no verbatim Twitter comments


Overall, It seems we had an almost 50/50 split on those who use and are for pen names.

Some of the reasons for include

Freedom to create, Personal Security and Privacy, as well as protection from failure (i.e. the impact on personal brand is lesser with a pen name). Also the use of pen names as a means of personal branding was mentioned.

  • A good point that was highlighted was the use of pen names to protect real identity from family members, or even employers especially in the age of social media.
  • Some of the reasons given by those who prefer to use the names include:
  • Authenticity and genuineness because of using real names, being unashamed or unafraid to use real names as well as the sense of pride and confidence with who they are and their work.
  • The benefit of using real names was also highlighted especially as you become a well-known brand.

As always the candour and sense of humour is appreciated in all; by those who responded directly and those who shared non-committal views.

Once again thank you for your hearty participation and as is our mission; we hope that you will be inspired forward to create.


Thanks to all #CreativeMondays Family for your enthusiastic sharing as always on today’s #CreativeMondays Question of the Week that was shared today thanks to @Entiretyinbits